Designed as a filler during intermission "Spectator Drags" have become a popular event at Meridian Speedway and this Saturday night "Spectator Drags" return for the first time this season.

The name says it all, spectators sign up to race the car they drove to the speedway. That could be a mini van, the grocery getter or the family car mom and dad let you borrow for the night.

All you have to do is sign up before the racing begins, bring a helmet and sign a waiver just in case mom's car gets scratched and your racing career might be launched. Or you might be grounded for life, your choice!

The cars race two by two with the winners advancing to the next round until only two cars remain and they race for the title.

Track manager Adams Nelson tells me that's how his racing career began. He also says it's fun to watch confidence grow as spectators look for more speed with each win and even start to take chances based on success.

So if you've ever had an urge to race or wondered what it might be like to cover the quarter mile oval at Meridian speedway "Spectator Drags" could be your window to Indy this Saturday at Meridian Speedway.

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