The College of Idaho football team was at the Pear Bowl in 1948 and the Refrigerator Bowl in 1953 but Saturday at high noon the College of Idaho will host it's first ever NAIA football playoff game when they host the Ottawa Spirit of Arizona in the round of 16.

The Coyotes are 10-1 and riding a 16 game winning streak, second only to the 25 in a row currently held by no.1 ranked Morningside of Iowa. Ottawa, in just it's second year of football is 9-1.

What makes this game interesting is how close the two match-up in season statistics.

The College of Idaho averages 472 yards of total offense a game, Ottawa 479. The Yotes average 37 points per game, the Spirit 45. Defensively both teams yield just 17 points per game.

Guess what, third down conversion percentage is also even with both teams converting 47% of the time.

Season sacks are also eerily close, C.of I. 38 and Ottawa 31. If there is an area where one team may have the edge is appears to be total defense. The Coyotes are stingy allowing a mere 293 yards a game, Ottawa gives up 339. Granted, that's not much wiggle room but it's the biggest difference I can find in the season stats.

Anyway you analyze Saturdays showdown you come up with the same conclusion, flip a coin, this one is that close!


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