Boise State dropped to 22nd in the media college football poll and 21st in the coaches poll following their 28-25 loss to BYU.

Why (Y) did they lose to BYU? In part because the Broncos didn't travel to Provo ready to play.

BSU receiver C.T. Thomas said after the game "The weather got to us a little bit, we weren't focusing on execution we were focusing on staying warm." If you are a football player that is the exact mind set for a loss!

Boise State was favored by about six points because everyone knows Provo is a tough place to win. However, the Cougars were playing with a third string quarterback and with several other backups at running back and elsewhere.

Did the Broncos really think BYU was down and out? It sure seemed that way from the get-go as BYU had more energy and simply wanted it more.

This is the team that won at Tennessee, that beat USC and could have easily won three other games. The Cougars saw Boise State as a chance to get well, it was a bowl game for them and they played like it.

Sure the Broncos rallied to make it close, losing 28-25 but the Broncos fell victim to two trick plays, biting hook line and sinker both times resulting in easy BYU touchdowns that made the difference.

You can hang this loss on coaching and now Boise State has two weeks to think about what could have been as they are idle this week before starting their five game November schedule at San Jose State.

A few weeks ago Boise State coach Bryan Harsin said of his teams 4-0 start, "Wins are like deodorant, they cover up the stink."

Truer words were never spoken as BYU exposed some serious Bronco weakness, the weakest of all not being able to come into a game mentally prepared.

On the bright side, Boise State is expected to win out and go 11-1 and how many other college football teams can you say that about?

Sometimes a loss can become a teams biggest victory. We'll see if Boise State is ready to take that road down a five game November stretch run.

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