The population in Idaho is ballooning at an astronomical pace. Gas prices are skyrocketing right along with housing costs. In the last year home prices in Boise went up 14.4%, the highest surge in the country. Several places of business are closing as a result of being short staffed. If you're feeling overwhelmed by it all, maybe you should consider moving to a small city in Italy. Specifically the one that's paying people $33,000 to live there. Sound too good to be true? It's not, so long as you're cool with these caveats. But they're actually quite reasonable.

According to CNN, the Calabria region is hoping to combat recent years of population decline in various villages by incentivizing folks with this nice chunk of change and the promise of an idyllic life. These are the stipulations:
- Max age of 40 years old
- Must start a small business
- Must be able to relocate within 90 days of successful application

In exchange you'll get up to $33k over the span of a maximum of 3 years. Ummm, this sounds perfect for entrepreneurial millennials. This is seriously such easy criteria. I bet you thought there was going to be some wild thing like "Oh, but you have to test eating animal farts for 12 hours a day." This is practically a vacation. Sure, there's the language barrier. But that's why Babbel and Rosetta Stone exist. Also, I've been watching Luca on a loop, so this Italian life is looking real sweet right now. I've got kids and a life here I can't uproot though. Let me live vicariously through you on this new adventure!


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