How many times have you picked up your phone and opened the weather app, hoping to see temperatures finally drop below triple digits on a consistent basis? 

We've been trying to manifest it by thinking cool thoughts, but it's not happening anytime soon! According to the Weather Channel's 10-Day Forecast feeding that weather app app, this Friday is the only day we'll dip below 100º. We're not talking about a big dip. It's still going to be 99º that day.

The heatwave is sticking around a little while longer, so why not make the best of it? That's exactly what Emmett moms Stacyjo Hopkins and Leilani Neice are planning to do! Hopkins and Neice are listed on Facebook as the co-hosts of "Emmett's First Water Fight" scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 24 at 1 p.m. in Emmett City Park.

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Families are invited to round up an arsenal super soakers and water blasters for a battle that'll take place just west of the tennis courts. The organizers have set-up two Amazon Wish List pages where neighbors can purchase and donate water guns to the event for families who can't afford one. You can also donate plastic bins or kiddie pools through the wish lists. These will be filled and be used as refill stations during the event.

Cold Sweet Iced Treat of Emmett ice cream truck will be in the park to sell yummy novelty ice cream bars to cool down with.

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Organizers remind families to wear plenty of sunscreen, drink water and seek shade/cooler locations if they start to feel sick from the heat. Leave your water balloons at home. They're against the rules in this water fight.

Pet owners are asked to keep dogs out of the water fight area during the fight for both the safety of the animals and the participants.

If you think you're a ninja with a water gun RSVP to Emmett's First Water Fight on Facebook, so they have an estimate of how many people to expect!

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