I'll be the first to admit that my basic little heart is addicted to Starbucks. I have the app and am enrolled in their Stars Rewards program, which keeps me spending all the monies there. And if you're fine with spending a lot of money on coffee, it's worth it. But it really is such a basic cookie cutter coffee place.

Then there's Dutch Bros, which I can't get behind based solely on the way their baristas are trained to treat customers. I'm a chipper person with a jovial disposition, but their level of jolly is just a bit too much. Overwhelming. But it works for some people.

Human Bean and Black Rock have good coffee, but there's no where to sit and chill with your beverage. Honestly, there are a ton of coffee shops in the Treasure Valley that have their pros and cons, but there's one I never hear come up in conversation as a go-to.

Royal Coffee Co in Meridian is an underrated little gem that deserves its flowers. First of all, it's inside The Village. A prime location for shopping and people watching, Royal Coffee Co is situated right in the center of the action to provide fuel for your retail therapy and judgment of passersby (you know you do this and that's ok. No judgment on you being judgy).

The coffee itself is tasty with a variety of syrup flavors to enhance your drink, but I have to say the fact that you can customize an energy drink is what I love most on the menu. Red Bull with grapefruit is refreshing and I highly recommend.

Before you complain that they don't offer pastries or sandwiches or whatever, they  literally share space with Rice Works and Calle 75 Tacos. And both those options are better than some rinky dink pastries.

So if you're looking for a relaxing weekend coffee experience, Royal Coffee Co is it. Grab your drink, snag a seat, watch all the people and make your judgments, maybe grab a couple tacos or curry, then take your drink with you as you make your way through The Village window shopping or actually shopping. It's a whole experience that starts with your caffeine craving.

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