There have been many songs about Idaho throughout the years from some actually very popular artists. Back in 1978, 11 years before "Love Shack" hit the airwaves and became and instant classic, The B-52's released a song called "Private Idaho." And recently in 2018, Gorillaz released a song flat out called "Idaho." Not a massive hit, but Gorillaz are an impressive band. BoDeans had a song by the same name name.

But then there are songs by lesser known artists about Idaho. Ever heard of Tony Williams? He's a reggae artist who 11 years came out with a song called "Up In Idaho." The ridiculousness of the lyrics is matched only by its music video.

"I'm up in Idaho with the deer, and the moose, and the buffalo
Can't forget about potatoes. That's what make the place so famous, you know."

I mean, there's rhyming, so that's cool. Not surprised with the mention of potatoes, but that's not very original. The best lyric is this one:

"The people are real, you know they're not fake
And I really love skiing on the lake"

Rhyming fake and lake is genius...or lazy. But what makes this so funny is that it's a reggae song. That's probably the last genre you think of when you think of Idaho. It's such an odd and hilarious song that Jimmy Fallon featured it on The Tonight Show in his segment "Do Not Playlist." Honestly, it's so bad it's good. I hope my niece walks down the aisle to this song.

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