I don't know about you but I was disappointed when Boise State cancelled it's press conference to unveil a new uniform look. The unveiling is now Tuesday may 30th and that gives us time to reflect on a few questions.

First, doesn't Boise State have enough football uniform looks? They've played in all white, all orange, all blue, all black and every combination of those colors.

Second, what are people thinking when they try to go "throw back uniforms"? Wisconsin and Nebraska did that last September with a "W" and an "N" on their respective chests and it was kind of cheeky.

Third, if you were in charge of designing a new Bronco football uniform what changes would you like to see?

In my book there is only one change needed and that's less changes! Sometimes I've had to double check to see if that was really Boise State on the field. I grew up a NY Giants football fan and you know what? The Giants uniforms about the same as they were when my mom bought me an authentic NY Giants uniform kit with pants, jersey and helmet. In fact the Giants NY logo on their helmet hasn't changed in 50 years! Boise State changes helmet colors every week.

I get it, it's fun for the players to wear something new and exciting and I'm not going to lose any sleep over the weekly changes.

However, if I can make one suggestion it would be this......make uniforms with numbers you can see from the press box!

I think designers like to play with old sportscaster by putting dark blue numerals on light blue uniforms that blend into invisibility. The trend of funky colored numbers nearly impossible to read from more than 20 yards away has even spilled over into high school football, notorious for dimly lite playing fields. Lime green numerals on grey jerseys is not a winning combo.

Take a hint from NFL uniforms. great big block white numbers on dark jerseys and great big block dark numbers on white jerseys. Maybe that's just to benefit NFL referees (did I say that out loud) but more likely it's to benefit old and grey sportscasters straining to make a call.

In short I really don't care what color scheme is the pick of the week, I just want to be able to recognize my team by the school colors and be able to pick out a player by his number which would be clearly visible. That may not be funky enough for todays college athlete but it sure works for an old sportscaster.

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