The Boise State football team has a lot of uniform combinations so it's hard to say what exactly is their standard look and today they were scheduled to unveil new uniforms, their first major tweak since 2011 when Boise State left the WAC for the Mountain West but that press conference/fashion show has been postponed until next Tuesday May 30th..

Ironically, Boise State has so many different combinations sometimes you have to look twice to figure which team is Boise State.

BSU's most classic look might well be the blue helmets, white jerseys and orange pants they wear at most major bowl games. It's the look they wore in beating Oklahoma and except for last years bowl game against Baylor they've worn the look well.

It'll be interesting to see what BSU comes up with for 2017 and now we'll be on pins and needles the entire holiday weekend waiting for the unveiling on the 30th.

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