Every year, Idaho’s Largest Garage Sale welcomes around 15,000 visitors for a day full of shopping, family-fun, and celebrity meet-and-greets!

One reality of each year’s event, however, is what to do with the unsold items that are left over after Idaho’s Largest Garage Sale ends.

While our vendors are able to sell a considerable amount of their garage sale items – there are the occasional items that were not able to find a home.

We’re thrilled to announce that unsold items are able to be donated to The Arc – who will dispose of the leftover items. The Arc is fully ready to collect all unwanted items – and the sellers are able to receive a tax deduction!

This is a great way to allow sellers the freedom to not carry their unsold items back home – while also supporting an amazing cause.

If you’d like to learn more, you can visit their website HERE.

Melissa Rogers
Melissa Rogers

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