It seems too good to be true, but it's not. Unlimited movies in Boise movie theaters for only $9.95 per month - there's got to be a catch. Yep there is. You can only see one movie per day.

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Oh and the passes aren't good for IMAX or 3D movies.  So let me get this correct..I can watch 31 movies a month for only ten dollars? It really is a no lose deal.

And it gets better. You would think it's available in only a few select Treasure Valley theaters, but it's available in all the most popular theaters. Majestic Theaters, The Village Theaters, all the Edwards theaters in Boise and Nampa, plus the Flicks. All the major movies at all the biggest most popular theaters in the Treasure Valley...what's not to love?

It costs more than ten dollars for a movie if you pay cash and with Movie Pass you can get a movie a day for just ten dollars. Might make a pretty good Christmas's not to early for that is it?

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