I've been waiting for this news for a very long time and can't wait to try it!

You've probably had these moments before.  You're sitting at your desk at work and your stomach starts rumbling.  You didn't bring a lunch and the almonds from the vending machine just aren't going to cut it  You'd love to go grab lunch, but are drowning in a sea of deadlines and just don't have time to step away from what you're working on.  Sure would be nice if you could get something delivered to you without having to order enough food for an entire office or a full pizza, wouldn't it? After Dharma Sushi stopped delivering to our office, I understand that the struggle for delivery options in Boise is real.

But today, that all changes! According to The Idaho Statesman, Uber's popular cousin "UberEats" launches at 11 a.m. and will cover Downtown Boise, the North End, parts of Southeast Boise (hopefully that includes my neighborhood,) Meridian and Eagle.

There's an estimated 60+ restaurants that will be part of the app's launch, but it's not clear which ones just yet.  The newspaper did talk to Flatbread's owner and he confirmed that after using the app in Seattle, he's a fan and that Flatbread will be one of those 60 restaurants! (Which is awesome because their Sea Salt and Parmesean Flatbread and their Macaroni and Cheese is some of my favorite food in the entire city!)

So how much is the delivery charge? $5.99 on top of whatever you order (the restaurants will set their prices with the app.)

I'm excited to try it tomorrow! If you want to get ready for the UberEats launch download it for iPhone or Droid below.  You'll also be able to order through their website if you don't have a working smartphone.

Download Ubereats: iOS | Android

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