Congressman Raul Labrador joined us Tuesday Morning for an exclusive interview discussing President Trump's speech on Afghanistan, President Trump's Administration, issues facing Congress, his comments concerning Dr. Bob Kustra of Boise State and his candidacy for governor.   Congressman Labrador said what he hear last night is the president wants to win the war.  He explained that there has to be a clear strategy to win.  "I want to see what our clear definitive mission is.  We've been there for fifteen years and it's time for us to get out of Afghanistan.  We need to do that, we need to defeat the enemy."

President Trump received a tremendous amount of support from Congressman Labrador during the campaign.  After President Trump's election, Congressman Labrador has had several opportunities to get to know the man in the Oval Office.  He shared how different it is working one on one with the administration and what the media portrays.  "What you have is a media that doesn't understand how they were so wrong.  They're doing everything they can to embarrass him and to try and embarrass the Republican Party.

To hear the rest of the interview that includes what Congressman Labrador would do if elected, his comments on Dr. Kustra, and what's next for Congress, click on the file below.  The interview starts at 20:22

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