IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO PUT AWAY YOUR SHOPPING TROLLEY! Most people call them shopping carts, but that doesn't sound as cute to me. In any case, the thing with wheels that holds your groceries is easy to put away once you've unloaded your items into the car. As I mentioned, it has wheels. It's not like you have to hulk lift this thing over your shoulders to return it. And there are multiple obvious cart returns which means you're never going to have to walk that far to put it back. Yet soooo many people leave the carts strewn about the parking lot as if they have no choice!

Today I encountered a woman for whom I now have no respect after she committed the laziest act I've ever seen in the Trader Joe's parking lot in Meridian. I had just finished piling my groceries into my car when I noticed she'd also finished two cars away from me. We both heading to return our trolleys when the unthinkable happened. I wheeled mine into the proper spot and pushed it in. She...left hers next to the railing. What?! Why?! She was literally RIGHT THERE. I shot her a look. We made eye contact. And she shrugged and walked away. I, a rule follower, grabbed her cart and pushed it in behind mine. With rage in my heart, of course.

I know I'm not the only one who get frustrated when people do this, but more importantly I want answers. If you are one of the people who doesn't return their cart or worse, leave the cart next to where it should go, I need to know WHY? Who broke you? Do you have a vendetta against grocery store workers? Do you think there isn't enough chaos in the world? I WANT ANSWERS! I'm willing to listen.

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