iCarly is newly a staple show in my life because children. I watched the series initially in real time release back in 2007. I was already 20 years old at the time, so I'm not sure what my excuse is for watching a show that centered around young high school kids. I just grew up as a Nickelodeon kid and kind of kept the loyalty through the years. Now Netflix has a few seasons of the show available and my kids have discovered the silly show about a girl named Carly who stars in a web show (iCarly) and her adventures with her friends.

Shelby, Idaho comes into play in Season 2: Episode 9, entitled "iMeet Fred." The Netflix synopsis for the episode is as follows: "After Freddie confesses that he doesn't understand the appeal of Internet star Fred, Fred retaliates by instructing his fans to boycott iCarly." Seeing as how the entire premise of the show revolves around the characters doing this web show, it is imperative they resolve this feud so fans will resume watching their show.

Apparently this Fred character lives in Shelby, Idaho so Carly and gang must convince her brother to take them to Shelby in order to make amends with Fred. He agrees and eventually they resolve their issues and all is well for iCarly. It's a sitcom for kids after all. Of course it was going to be resolved.

But is Shelby, Idaho even a place? The show is set in Seattle and one of the characters states the drive from Seattle to this particular town in Idaho is only 4 hours. After some Google research I can't find any Idaho town called Shelby nor any cities in Idaho that are only 4 hours away from Seattle. So it looks like writers of the show just made that up? There's a Shelley, Idaho but it's 11 hours away from Seattle.

In any case, it's still cool that Idaho was mentioned in such a popular show. My kids definitely got excited when they watch this episode.

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