Say it isn't so Idaho. The 4th of July last Summer was one of the largest firework businesses have ever seen.

The holiday fell on a Saturday last year and the country was on lockdown. The best we could do was ignite from our driveways for massive turnouts in our neighborhoods. This year could be quite different thanks to post-pandemic backlash.

The Pandemic Impact on Firework Stands

They pretty much ran out last year. The lines were crazy, everyone was wearing masks and the fireworks flew off the shelves. Companies worried they might actually run out as Idahoans flocked to stands everywhere. That's just the beginning,

Due to high sales, there was an immediate sales panic to order for this year which began on July 5, 2020.

"Last year we pretty much got sold-out, everywhere, every retail location got pretty much sold out," said Jessie Heck from Rocky Mountain Fireworks and Fur Company, "And then COVID, backed up the supply from China getting here and restocking us. Then the ports were closed for several months, then one of the shipping barges, we're just struggling back from what happened last year. Stuff is coming in, but it's just coming in late."

Could We Run Out of Fireworks?

Yes. Jesse explained that due to all the shipments coming in late and all the growth in the Treasure Valley, we might run out.

Shop Early. Shop Now.

There are plenty of fireworks on the shelves but look at the calendar. We're around 3 weeks from the 4th of July and I'm being told shipments are coming in late. Don't expect those crazy sales this year or special 2 for 1. That's going to be hard to pull off due to the quantity on the shelves. I also looked online to see if it was just Idaho, think again.


We definitely have a problem on our hands when it comes to lighting up the fun neighborhood parties this year. Jessie from Rocky Mountain Fireworks and Fur said it's going to be okay. You just need to shop now and don't wait.

Insider Information: Bestseller this year will be the Artillery Shells.

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