If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the drapes. And who wants to look into your soul if it’s surrounded by raggedy curtains? How is one to focus on the warmth and honesty of your eyes during conversation with rogue, poorly shaped hairs jutting out around them? The unibrow worked for Frida Kahlo, but I can’t rock it the way she did. My eyebrows grow in thick tufts that sometimes reach my eyelids, making it difficult for one not to stare in disgust.

That's why I've turned to eyebrow threading to shape and eliminate hair until my brows are clean and perfectly arched. Of course I can't do this myself. The only thing I ever did myself was weird things with tweezers resulting in stubby scraggly embarrassment. No, no. This task must be left to someone well versed in the precision of this fine art. After canvassing every woman I've met over the last year who had excellent eyebrows, Beautifull Threading & Waxing Studio in Nampa is the answer to sloppy eyebrows.

A woman called Angie is responsible for threading brows to perfection in her humble studio and receives rave reviews from clients:

"Angie not only is super sweet, she has a beautiful clean shop, does AMAZING work, and her prices cant be beat! Highly recommend." - Melissa M.

"Angie does a great job on my eyebrows! I would recommend her to anyone that needs their eyebrows done!!" - Leticia A.

"I absolutely am totally pleased with Angie! Seriously wouldn't trust my brows with anyone else definitely found my forever go 2!" - Christina E.

Goes to show, the best isn't always found in some overpriced fancy salon. The smaller shop run by someone passionately dedicated to their craft is the game changer.

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