There's nothing a good scoop of ice cream can't fix. Bad day at work? Have some ice cream. Break-up with your man? Have some ice cream. It's going to be over 100º for at least 11 days? Have ALL the ice cream! 

And ice cream isn't just a cure all for when things aren't going your way. It's great for celebrating occasions like birthdays, weddings and graduations. It's also a hell of a motivator!

In high school, our track coach used ice cream as a way to push us toward our full potential in our events. Set a personal record? You get a token for free ice cream at our hometown ice cream shop. Throw-up after an event? You get a token for free ice cream for leaving it all out there (quite literally) even if you didn't quite hit your PR.

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I once passed out after the two-mile and for years asked my coaches "what do you get for passing out while still managing to qualify for regionals and getting an IV after a race?" Years later when they were honoring my senior class at the end of the year banquet, I found out it was worth 10 ice cream tokens and the entire room had a good laugh when they found out I'd been asking about my ice cream for three seasons.

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We don't have said ice cream shop in Boise (although, I'd love to open a franchise one day if I come into enough money and time to do so.) That's ok, because we have some equally delicious places to grab a cone, dish, sundae or shake! We asked our listeners to choose their favorite place to grab an ice cream in the Treasure Valley and these were the shops scooping up the best of the best.

Most of them were founded in Boise or another part of the state!

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All we have now are delicious memories!

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