Now that our corner of the world has put the pandemic in the rear view mirror I can't help but notice how many people are going on dinner dates. You've seen it over and over, you walk into a restaurant and you can tell who's on a first date. If your dating apps are poppin and you're ready for some sexy time eating at this Meridian restaurant  will increase your chances of getting lucky. Before I tell you the restaurant it's necessary to mention that according to experts "Basil, asparagus, arugula, and garlic are all natural aphrodisiacs." Gino's Italian Ristorante is the spot with the magical meal. What is it? Lasagna. Gino's has the most amazing Lasagna, as a matter of fact they have two varieties on their menu:


You might be asking yourself... How is Lasagna supposed to increase my chances of getting lucky on a first date?. According to this Shinesty... " Lasagna is a classic dish. When you think of lasagna, you think of your childhood. While taking your first bite, there’s a large chance you’ll get hit with some nostalgia. When you’re nostalgic you think of babies. When you think of babies you think of mating. When you think of mating… you mate. Easy as that."

I'm not sure if there is any scientific data to back this statement from shinesty but at least you know of a great place to get Italian In Meridian.


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