Formerly known as Taste 208, this event is where my fiance and I found some of favorite local food and beverages before the people behind it hit the big time!

Taste + Craft is a giant food and beverage tasting event being held at Payette Brewing Company's new building on Pioneer Street this Saturday from 6-9 p.m. Your ticket price includes free reign of the "Grand Tasting" event where you can try new foods from local restaurants and craft beverages from the Treasure Valley, Pacific Northwest and beyond.  The beverage selections have expanded to include more non-alcoholic drinks like coffee, kombucha and craft soda.

We went to Taste 208 a few years ago when my fiance was absolutely obsessed with hard ciders and we stumbled across Meriweather Cider at the event.  He fell in love with it at first sip and looked for it all over taps in the Treasure Valley for months. A year later, Meriweather's a local house hold name and has it's own tasting room on Chinden! We also met the folks from Potter Wines there and it seems like after that even we saw their Original Jalapeno Wine and Jalapeno Wine Lemonade all over the place the following summer! The event really does introduce you to a lot of cool products and restaurants just getting their feet off the ground in the Treasure Valley!

Want to be the first to try some new food and beverages? Check out more about the event HERE!

Vendors Include

  • Wild Root Vodka (Portland)
  • Dust Cutter Soda (Jackson Hole)
  • Vine46 (Lewiston)
  • Amaru Confections (Boise)
  • 8 Feathers Whiskey (Boise)
  • 208 Candle Company (Treasure Valley)
  • Juniper (Boise)
  • Ironside Roasting Co (Boise)
  • Meriweather Cider Company
  • Vodquila (Alabama)
  • Highlands Hollow (Boise)

And many, many more! Click HERE for the complete list of vendors!


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