Flooding throughout the Valley is getting worse and Eagle area residents and their property may be in danger if this happens. Emails warning of possible evacuations have been sent to residents living in various subdivisions and neighborhoods.


Engineers and the Ada County web site, say this is a major growing problem and that it's a matter of when not if it happens.



According to Ada county flood web site, a problem has been identified with a privately-owned gravel pit that sits next to the Boise River near Eagle Island and just east of the Island Woods/Two Rivers subdivisions and neighborhoods These neighborhoods are located upstream from Eagle’s floodplain area.

Experts warn that if the ground around the pit fails, which engineers expect to happen, there isn’t just a chance, but it's very likely some home owners and roads including portions of Eagle Road will be covered with water and will not be passable.  That includes the possibility that both bridges on Eagle road that bridge over the north and south channels may be impassable. That’s a lot of north and south traffic on one  of the state's busiest streets, that will have to find alternate routes if or when this does happen.

According to KIVI TV, an email was sent out the residents in the following affected subdivisions:


Duck Alley

Island Woods

Laguna Pointe


Mace River

River's End


Two Rivers

If flooding happens, Ada County officials warn to please not try and drive through water-covered roads.

Flood waters are swift, cold, and dangerous and in addition you might not be able to even tell if the road is still there.

Homes and other buildings along the Boise River remain at risk and homeowners are being asked to remove items like unused vehicles; chemicals, fertilizer and herbicides; propane tanks; and other equipment from their yards and low-lying areas.

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