When the BSU Pavilion became Taco Bell arena in 2004 it was only the second arena on a college campus to be named after a corporate sponsor. The first was Dunkin Donuts Arena at the University of Rhode Island.

At first people asked if there'd be a drive thru or if Tuesday games would be free Taco night but eventually the name was accepted as was the reality that many more on campus facilities would be named after corporate sponsors.

The four million dollar deal was a huge boost in revenue for the Boise State athletic department to the tune of about $240,000 a year.

Now after 15 seasons Taco Bell has decided not to renew it's sponsorship, the value of which is still being determined but said to be more like three times the original cost or about 12 million dollars.

According to sources Boise State has had talks with at least three major donors to BSU athletics but nothing has been decided.

Taco Bell arena will host the first and second round games of the NCAA Basketball tournament in March and while the Taco Bell deal doesn't expire until July 31, 2019, it seems Boise State could have a new sponsor on board by June.

In a prepared release Taco Bell said it plans to support Boise State in the future and looks forward to their continued relationship.

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