Nevada handed Boise State it's first loss at home this year and in so doing took control of the Mountain West basketball standings.

In a see-saw battle at Taco Bell arena the Wolfpack prevailed 77-72 to improve to 11-2 in league while Boise State dropped to 10-4.

The Broncos are now 20-6 overall and 13-1 at home and the loss certainly hurt, if not destroyed their chances of gaining an at large berth in the NCAA tournament. The Broncos only road to the dance now seems to be winning the Mountain West post season tournament and thus the leagues automatic berth.

Nevada has now swept BSU in each of the last two regular seasons.

Other notes from last night: Despite more than 10,000 tickets being sold only 86 hundred fans showed up for arguably the game of the year. The big reason a 9 p.m. tip off on a Wednesday night in blue collar Boise. The game was televised by ESPNU and the option to fight the crowd, get home after midnight or lay on the couch and watch from home was a no brainer.

Just yesterday there was a report that all attendance at college football last season was down and many blame to ease at which one can watch on TV or internet. Just about every game is available.

Athletic Directors still don't get it! They've sold their soul for TV money and when TV sets a tip off or kickoff for late at night the AD's don't understand why fans stay away.

You can't have your TV cake and your gate cake and eat it too!

Boise State basketball games used to be played at 7 p.m. all the time. Now those were the good old days not so long ago..

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