If you thought the building boom in you've witnessed in downtown Boise over the past half decade was over...you would be wrong kemo-sabe.

Over the past half decade alone we've seen major additions to the downtown Boise skyline....Zions Bank, Jump, The Inn at 500, Main Street Station and numerous other major hotel buildings currently under construction make Boise Idaho one of the hot beds for new construction in the U.S. and it doesn't' look like it's slowing down anytime soon. Our buddy Don Day at boisedev.com is reporting that a Boise developer, who coincidentally is also on the City Council is planning to build a new twin tower project on land he controls at 5th and Broad Street.

The project, according to plans would consist of one nine story building that would house offices and parking and another eleven story building next door, that house condos, with both being linked by a sky-bridge approximately 45 feet above street level

Boise City Council member Scot Ludwig who is also a Capital City Development Corporation board member has plans to build the pair of towers. The project has not been officially approved as of yet.

According to Boise Dev, “the project still must be approved for a conditional use permit and get design review approval, as well as a variance. The allowed height for buildings in the area is currently six stories, but Ludwig and his team are proposing to go as high as 11-stories.”

What do you think…is a project like this good for downtown Boise? Is there a conflict of interest with a sitting city council member trying to get approval for a new project that he is helping to try and build?

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