When Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl to finish an unbeaten season the Broncos felt like the real champions of college football. We know that's not what happened.

Monday when the University of Central Florida beat Auburn 34-27 they wore t-shirts claiming to be Champions! We all know that isn't going to happen.

Either Georgia or Alabama will win the National Championship despite the fact neither is undefeated and in fact were both beaten by Auburn who couldn't beat UCF.

That's right, not only did the Knights of UCF go 13-0 beating every and all comers, they topped it off by beating an SEC team that beat both participants in next weeks national title game.

Ironically, even at 12-0 coming into the Peach Bowl UCF was ranked #12 in the polls. Even with an expanded 8 team playoff the Knights wouldn't have made the grade. Unlike the NCAA basketball tournament where even the mostly unlikely of teams has a shot to make a run for the crown.

FCS, formerly 1-AA has been holding a 16 team tournament forever and no one ever complains! Plus, the tournament works!  This year the top two teams in the FCS will collide this Saturday for the title when #1 and defending FCS National champion James Madison collides with #2 North Dakota State in Texas. Sixteen teams began the playoffs and only the top 2 remain!

See FBS it can work!

Obviously the spotlight will be on the SEC and Alabama/Georgia but wouldn't it be cool if the Knights could get the winner just to make sure the right team is crowned National Champion?

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