The Idaho High School Activities Association has approved recommendations for an overhaul of the high school football playoffs in 2018.

The big changes would be to expand the 4A playoffs to 16 teams and increase the number of at large berths in 5A.

One thing that won't change is the number of 5A schools competing in the playoffs, that will stay at 12.

Given the fact the number of 5A schools in Idaho is down from 21 to 18 means only six 5A schools in the state won't make the playoffs.

This past season we saw some lopsided first round 5A results which could be eliminated by going to an 8 team playoff. Is it about earning a playoff berth or just participation?  Even with an 8 team playoff  45% of all 5A schools would make the playoffs.

One change I do like in 5A is the elimination of the Pod system. Columbia, Kuna and Nampa will drop to 4A and Skyview will jump to 5A giving the 5A SIC 10 teams allowing for each team to play nine conference games in the regular season.

That means no regular season 5A cross state showdowns but isn't that what the playoffs are all about?

As for a 16 team 4A playoff field once again we flirt with mediocre first round games and less emphasis on regular season wins.

for me less playoff wiggle room makes for stiffer completion in both the regular and post seasons.



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