The song says Momma don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys but I think you can throw football coach in there as well.

Sure football coaches can make tons of money but most likely they'll use most of the cash to pay for therapy!

Being a football coach can easily drive a person crazy especially when you consider the two weeks ahead for someone like Boise State coach Bryan Harsin.

BSU had all of 24 hours to celebrate their Mountain West football title before learning they'd next face Oregon in the Las Vegas Bowl December 16th That's a quick turnaround to play an improving Pac 12 team.

Throw in the fact there is an early signing date this year for recruiting, December 20th and now you start to turn up the heat on coaches everywhere.

Oregon coach Willie Taggart is leaving for Florida State and while he isn't a top candidate, Bryan Harsin did flirt with Oregon last year so you can't count him out now.

How strange would that be? Oregon playing against Boise State with an interim head coach against Harsin who could be in line for the Ducks job? Awkward!

Honestly I don't see that happening but with things moving at warp speed it's hard to maintain focus.

Harsin has earned incentive money and an extension by hitting goals this year but he's also been criticized by fans for a slow start. One day a hero and the next the goat. Sure it all comes with the job but that doesn't make it easy to hear and take.

Oregon had a big recruiting weekend planned for December 15th-17th and now that has imploded with Taggart leaving and the Ducks playing Boise State the 16th. According to some reports Oregon was in line to have one of the best recruiting seasons in the country but now...who knows.

Likewise for Boise State the next two weeks are critical to recruiting. It's all about finishing and signing the players who have committed verbally.

Right now for the coaches, the Vegas Bowl is the game within the game. The bigger game being recruiting and for Oregon, finding a new coach. For Boise State ensuring Harsin is back in 2018 with a young team that managed to win 10 games in 2017, going for #11 a week from Saturday.


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