Sports talk radio, including all the guys right here on 630 The Fan can't stop talking about the missed calls and overtime rules during the AFC and NFC title games.

My question is why all of a sudden is everyone going crazy. Neither the replay system or the overtime rules have ever been perfect.

If I hear one more announcer exclaim "since he said stands and not confirmed, there wasn't clear and indisputable evidence"....I'll scream!!!!

No kidding Sherlock, we all know that and that's why replay and review isn't perfect nor are the rules that prevent certain situations to be reviewed like the missed pass interference call in the Rams-Saints game.

We knew judgement calls were off limits but now everyone is having a hissy fit because the NFL couldn't do anything about it on game day.

I still don't think judgement calls should be reviewed except in that last two minutes of a game. That is what they do in college the last two minutes everything is reviewable.

Why? Because there is no time for a team to recovered from a blown judgement call when the game is on the line in the closing minutes.

It's obvious the NFL will have to take some sort of action before next season concerning replay of judgement calls.

As for the overtime rules, they've always stunk in the NFL. Both teams should have an opportunity to be on offense, simple as that!

When baseball goes into extra innings and the visitors score in the top of the inning that doesn't end the sir, we go to the bottom of the inning so the home team has an at bat.

There was no "at bat:" for Kansas City and that's been the case for a long time with the NFL rules. I'm okay ending the game on a defensive score but aside from a pick-6 or scoop six, both offenses need to touch the ball. I felt that way before Sunday and now apparently a lot more people, especially those who hate New England, have come to that philosophy as well.

I guess because it's the Super Bowl off week there is nothing much to talk about but please sports talk radio...please try and move on. The call was missed and overtime in the NFL needs to be tweaked.

Lets all move on.

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