We all know that Marijuana is illegal to possess, smoke or sell in Idaho. It's interesting and kind of silly that recreational marijuana is legal in our neighboring states like Washington, Oregon and Nevada. Oh and by the way while Utah does not allow recreational pot they have legalized medical marijuana which you can get a license for if you have any kind of chronic pain. My toe hurts when I walk, here is my state and local fees, thanks for this medical Marijuana license I'm going to feel so much better now ( that's how I envison that process going). Another one of our wholesome neighbors recently legalized recreational marijuana, Montana will be opening dispensaries next year.

Idaho is basically surrounded by states that have in one form or another legalized the "ganja" and as of now that will remain the case. Today I believe we have good news for people that are against legalization but also good news for Idaho citizens who like to partake in the weed as a new Marijuana dispensary is opening in Jackpot Nevada at the Idaho Border.

"We are very excited about being entrenched in that area and being a good partner there," Thrive Cannabis Marketplace marketing director John Erminio said in a Magic Valley interview.

The store will be open 24/7, 365 days a year and will include a drive-through option. When you go to try your gambling luck in Jackpot you will now also have the ability to buy vapes, concentrate and edibles. Is this a win win? Do you think that both the people for and against the legalization of Marijuana can agree that this is something they can live with?

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