We wake up in the morning and head to the restroom, turn the shower on, wash the sleep off our body and enjoy the hot water for 10 minutes longer than we should as we protest the pending workday. After the shower we brush our teeth in the bathroom sink and get dressed. Not once do we think about where the dirty water is going or how it's getting there.

Say hello to our sewer system. As a matter of fact if you live in Boise, say hello our very old sewer system that needs to be replaced soon. The Boise City Council voted to approve the Renewable Water Utility Plan in October of 2020. What does this mean and what exactly will be replaced? the plan involves replacing infrastructure, pipes and planning for growth. The part that hasn't been determined yet is how it will all be paid for.

The first option is to increase Boise sewer bills by 53% to pay for the improvements. According to a ktvb report the average bill which is $36.82 would increase to $56.32. If the city financed the project Boise residents would only get a 9% increase meaning the average bill would go up to $40.46. How necessary is this? According to public works some of the pipes are 100 years old and while they don't want to replace anything prematurely they do want to avoid pipe failure if at all possible.

The fact of the matter is that Boise residents will be paying for this project, the only questions are how soon and how much?

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