Boating season is fast approaching, but if you own a boat or are getting ready to purchase one, you might want to be aware of this new boating law taking affect in Idaho this year...or it could cost you a $250 fine.

The U.S. Coast Guard is enforcing new boating regulations having to do with your boat registration and hull identification numbers, or HINs.

HINs are not the numbers that boaters put on the bow of their boats themselves,, HINs are the numbers that are stamped on boats by manufacturers when the boats are made.

You need to especially be aware of your HIN if you have a boat made after 1972. Boats made after 1972 could have expired HINs or there could be an error in the past which causes the HIN to not match the one on file. Boat owners will also be required to display their HIN on the boat.

So before you put your boat in the water this year you’re being warned that you must get your HIN taken care of and displayed on your boat before you launch. In addition you won’t even be able to register your boat without a proper HIN.

According to KREM TV news it’s fairly easy and free to get a new HIN, however if you fail to do so before hitting the water this summer, it could cost you a $257 ticket.

Here’s how to

Here’s the details for Idaho registration requirements here.


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