In 2016 USA women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe took a knee during the National Anthem. FIFA soccer officials were quick to respond, banning players from kneeling during the anthem.

Since then Rapinoe, who is on record saying the anthem is a "somber moment for a peaceful protest", has refused to sing along during the anthem or put her hand over her heart.

To be fair a lot of people don't sing the anthem or put their hand over their heart but they're not Megan Rapinoe on stage at the World Cup Soccer Tournament.

Rapinoe, who has said she is a "walking protest" has really never said what she is protesting. The entire USA team has been vocal concerning equal pay or to be more accurate, the lack of same compared to men's soccer.

Maybe this is Rapinoe's way of sending a somber message of peaceful protest.

President Trump today voiced his opinion saying Rapinoe is wrong for using the anthem as a protest podium. Rapinoe has told various outlets she believes the President is sexist, racist and not a good person.

Rapinoe and the rest of the USA players have a point concerning pay. Over the last two years the NY Times reports women's soccer has generated far more revenue than the men, yet the ladies remain well below the men's pay scale.

Former Nevada and NFL player, quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn't fair well in using the National Anthem as a protest vehicle yet Rapinoe's actions have been largely accepted and overlooked.

I'll be honest, I don't always sing aloud to the National Anthem, that would be painful for those around me but I always put my hand over my heart in appreciation for everything this country has allowed me to do and to become.

The other day I watched Chile vs. USA. I watched as Rapinoe stood silent during the our National Anthem, then watched as the Chilean players sang at the top of their lungs when their anthem was played. I thought that was pretty cool.



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