Huh...that escalated quickly. 

While I was grabbing my Pumpkin Chai at Zero Six Coffee Fix yesterday morning, I was talking to a few of the barista girls about how excited we were for the cold front moving into the Treasure Valley over the next few days.  Why? All of us agree that we prefer the comfy, cute clothes in our fall wardrobes over the tanks and shorts we've been living in the last few months. And ironically, the extreme summer heat we experienced this summer is part of the reason my mom pushed off her Idaho visit until next week. Well, my mom's getting the fall weather she loves so much!

Temperatures are expected to plunge from the 90s we had at the beginning of this week down to the upper 50s by next Tuesday.  And yes, the upper 50s are the high temperatures in the valley.  I'd start looking for those hoodies and leggings to wear for the Boise State vs Virginia game next Friday and FitOne on Saturday!

With such a drastic temperature swing, is there really a chance of snow in the forecast? You're likely to see a few flakes here and there! Bogus Basin is expecting showers and a low of 33 in the long range forecast for Monday.  We all know that if we give Idaho weather five minutes, it will change.  So if the forecast drops a few more degrees, it's quite possible we could see the first flakes of the season at Bogus next week.  The first snow of the season didn't happen there until October 17th last year.

As for this weekend.  There is snow in the forecast! Borah Peak (which some of my friends just hiked a few weekends ago) is forecasted to receive at least 7.5 inches of snow by Friday night.

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