Steph Curry can only wish he was this accurate.

Watch as this little boy dominates arcade basketball. We've all been in this kid's shoes: small ball, small hoop, a few tickets on the line that you can use to exchange for some toy that will probably break in less than a week.

Well, this boy cracked the code. The key to this game is to find a rhythm and then maintain that focus, which he does with a precision that is simply mesmerizing. Sure, he misses a few (very few), but he keeps draining shots like a frat house pledge during hell week.

This boy shoots so consistently and with such speed that it also begs the question is this real? Apparently, people can doctor videos on the Internet and this sure seems like an ideal candidate.

How can anyone possibly be so accurate? How are his arms not tired? How are there enough tickets in the machine to properly reward him for his efforts so that he can turn it into a prize that may actually keep working after seven days?

There are almost as many questions as there are points that he's scored.

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