Kuna racer Pat Young swept the Claimer Stocks Twin 25's at Meridian Speedway Saturday night. In fact both races resulted in the same 1-2-3 finish with Young #1 followed by Dan Lowther and Brian Hyde.

Below are the complete results of Saturdays race card at Meridian Speedway:

Meridian Speedway

Monday’s Unofficial Results

Teleperformance Claimers Twin 25’s


Main Events

Teleperformance Claimer Stocks #1 (25 laps)-1.Pat Young 2.Dan Lowther 3.Brian Hyde 4.Jamie Hyde 5.Casey Hart

Teleperformance Claimer Stocks #2 (25 laps)-1.Pat Young 2.Dan Lowther 3.Brian Hyde 4.Casey Hart 5.Jamie Hyde

College of Western Idaho Super Stocks (30 laps)-1.Melissa Arte 2.Daniel Johnson 3.Ben Crow 4.Ron Hayes 5.John Riparetti

Pepsi Winged Crate Cars (30 laps)-1.Riley Rogers 2.Casey Tillman 3.Rob Grice 4.Ryan Wiederich 5.Rich Montes

College of Western Idaho High School Tuners (25 laps)-1.Riley Rogers 2.Taylor Occhipinti 3.Kendra Occhipinti 4.James Gates 5.Sierra Lawrence

Heat Races

(8 laps each)

Teleperformance Claimer Stocks

A Heat-1. Brian Hyde 2. Dan Lowther 3. Pat Young 4. Micky Lawson 5. Scott Lawson

B Heat-1. Jamie Hyde 2. Casey Hart 3. Rich Lawson 4. Fred Nagele 5. Shawn Hansen

CWI Super Stocks

A Heat-1. Melissa Weaver 2. Daniel Johnson 3.Ben Crow 4. Ron Hayes

B Heat-1. John Riparetti 2. Hunter Gates 3. Tom Harrod 4. Brandon Hild

Pepsi Winged Crate Cars

A Heat-1. Casey Tillman 2. Ryan Wiederich 3. Riley Rogers 4. Rob Grice 5. Justin Segura

CWI High School Tuners

A Heat-1. Riley Rogers 2. Kendra Occhipinti 3. Taylor Occhipinti 4. Sierra Lawrence 5. James Gates

Trophy Dashes

(4 laps each)

Teleperformance Claimers – Dan Lowther

CWI Super Stocks – Ron Hayes

Pepsi Winged Crate Cars – Rob Grice

CWI High School Tuners – Taylor Occhipinti


Teleperformance Claimers – Pat Young, 15.379 seconds

CWI Super Stocks – Melissa Arte, 14.083seconds

Pepsi Winged Crate Cars – Casey Tillman, 12.716 seconds

CWI High School Tuners – Riley Rogers, 16.016 seconds

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