An article this week by Patrick Walker who covers the Dallas Cowboys was nothing but glowing for the offense being installed by Cowboys offensive coordinator and former Boise State great, Kellen Moore.

Walker interviewed several Dallas players, offensive and defensive who agreed Moore might well be the the top offensive mind in the NFL.

The fact that the Cowboys have a lot of offensive talent is a plus for Moore who, like he learned at Boise State, likes to use players at several positions creating versatility in the offense to where players are using the word "explosive" to describe.

Sportscon in Dallas quoted backup quarterback Cooper Rush saying Kellen's ideas are awesome and fresh and that Kellen is super bright.

Those of us who watched Kellen play at Boise State already knew about his smarts. He is used to having an offense with various formations for the same play.

I remember one game on the Blue in which Moore was spread wide to the left as a receiver. The defensive back came up tight on Moore but when the ball was snapped Moore didn't move a muscle. He just stood there while the play went to the opposite side of the field for a touchdown. Moore just looked the the DB and put his arms into the air as if to say, sorry dude you should have figured I was just a decoy.

That's how Moore like to play the game, with fun and that's exactly what the Cowboys are feeling in Dallas.

Below is a link to Walkers article which leads one to believe Dallas is finally beginning to get excited about Kellen and what he brings to the Cowboys offense.


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