In taking a look at the Boise State football schedule for 2019 the one game that really stands out is the September 14th game against Portland State of the Big Sky.

I'm not talking about standouts out like wow the season opener against Florida State, I'm saying it stands out like....Wow, why them?

If you are going to play a team from the Big Sky Conference, why not Idaho?

Believe me, I have asked that question since seeing the schedule but nobody has had an answer nor would even dare to venture a guess.

The bad blood between Idaho and Boise State that seems to be keeping the two from ever meeting again on a football field is the same reason they should!

Ever since former Boise State President Robert Kustra referred to Vandal fans as "nasty and inebriated", in 2010, a quote he later said was harsher than intended, there has been no movement towards Boise State and Idaho ever meeting again on the gridiron.

Honestly I don't care either way except if Boise State continues to schedule Big Sky teams it makes no financial sense to schedule any team other than Idaho.

Here are the facts: BSU vs. Portland State September 14th is an 8:15 p.m. kickoff on ESPN2. Boise State could giveaway tickets and the game still wouldn't be a sellout.

Insert Idaho instead of Portland State and all of a sudden people would be clamoring for tickets as if it were a Garth Brooks concert!

So whats the holdup? Does Idaho want a home and home agreement because that's never going to happen...Is Boise State reluctant to pay Idaho top dollar thus helping support the Vandal program....Maybe Boise State simply doesn't want Idaho to have a Treasure Valley spotlight even for one night. Maybe it's just the David and Goliath syndrome and Boise State worries history might repeat itself.

Quite frankly all those are guesses because neither side is talking and since Boise State holds all the cards chances are they never will.

What about Idaho State you ask? Honestly I don't think Idaho State is any different than Portland State. The Vandals just seem to have that affect to where a BSU-Idaho game would be a no-brainer sellout and isn't that the object of scheduling?

Now, if Boise State was like Penn State where every home game is a sellout no matter who comes to town, referring to Idaho's August 31st opener at Penn State in front of 100,000, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Until then, Idaho not Portland State adds the intrigue Treasure Valley football fans would almost assuredly buy into to.




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