I read a headline that said " A total of 181 correctional officer positions are currently vacant statewide" According to Idaho Department of Correction human resources manager Mike Evans Idaho's nine prisons are currently just 76% staffed. My first thought was... what a great opportunity for a security guard or an armored car employee to upgrade their job. I then realized that the starting correctional officer pay at Idaho Department of Correction prisons is $16.75. I was shocked! I was even more shocked when I found out that they just got a .25 cent raise which means they were making   $16.50 not too long ago. All of a sudden it all made sense, why would someone potentially risk their life for $16.75 an hour when they could make more doing jobs that are by far safer? Check out this list of jobs in Boise that pay more than a correctional officer position. 

Krispy Kreme in Meridian ($17/hour),

Sorting packages at the Amazon warehouse in Nampa (17.90/hour),

Working in the kitchen at Panda Express in Garden City (up to $18/hour)

loading trucks at FedEx in Boise (up to $19.85/hour)

Driving a forklift for Simplot in Caldwell ($21.16.)

By the way if you like being a correctional officer Ontario's Snake River Correctional Institution pays brand-new prison guards a starting rate of $22.64. I ask again... why would anyone take the dangerous job of being an Idaho Department of Corrections Officer for $16.75.

Before you confuse my message.. This is me advocating for all of the people who put their lives on the line to deal with all of those who choose to violate the laws of our society. Can you imagine if there was no one to work the prisons? Now ask yourself how much are corrections officers worth?

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