I've talked to so many people that aren't sure why you leave a crack in your garage door in the evening or overnight. Is that safe?

Let's pretend we don't know and set the record straight. Yes, it's safe and helps ventilation in your garage with temperatures get extremely hot like now.

Jaroslaw Kwoczala/Unsplash
Jaroslaw Kwoczala/Unsplash

The Idaho Cool Down Tip: Crack Your Garage Door

I'm no professional garage door specialist because mine is broken half the time. However, I've been noticing garage doors open and I always wondered if they had a cat. Could this just be for a pet that comes and goes as they please?

It wasn't until recently that I realized how hot it gets in our garage. The highest average temperature in Boise over the next 10 days will be exactly 100 degrees. This puts the temperature up by 10 degrees or more inside your garage. Just do the math as that increases everything that turns into higher bills as you turn up the air conditioner.


Is Opening Your Garage Safe

Yes, just do your research. You don't want to open it too much where it could attract the wrong kind of animals in your garage or thieves. I don't keep mine open all night because I just don't feel comfortable with it. The added pressure on your garage could damage it over time based on my research, but you don't keep it open all Summer. I will say that it changed my temperature dramatically the first night.

Good luck and stay cool!

Additional Options to Keep Garage Cool

  • Swamp Cooler.
  • Park hot car from driving in the garage when it cools off.
  • Open garage a few times during the day to let out heat and close.
  • Insulate garage door for cheap.
  • Box Fan and push out hot air.
  • Pray for snow!


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