Idaho as a state in general is considered a much safer state than most others. I have two studies here one from 2012 and then a look at how the gem state has changed a decade later with a more recent list sighting 2022 statistics.

Movoto dove into crime and statistic analytics to determine which areas are the safest in Idaho with populations over 5,000 people. Movoto gathered the crime data for Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Burglary, Theft, Vehicle theft. This study however was based off of FBI and crime rates from just over a decade ago in 2012. Below you can see a more recent study to compare how things have changed. Weiser stood out as the winner.

1. City of Weiser
2. City of Rexburg
3. City of Meridian
4. City of Preston
5. City of Rupert
6. City of Emmett
7. City of Rathdrum
8. City of Moscow
9. City of Hailey
10. City of Mountain Home

Safewise did a similar study but with more recent stats from 2022. Some of the places were the same but others changed drastically. First, we should all be proud that Idaho state’s violent and property crime rates fall far below the national average. However, "Idaho boasts some of the lowest violent and property crime rates in the nation, but it still saw an increase in violent crime for the 2022 reporting year."

While Weiser has dominated in the top 3 for the last decade, now it is not even on the top 10 list. What's going on over there Weiser?

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