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Idaho Unemployment Rate is One of the Best in the Country
Even if you have a job here in Boise, the Treasure Valley, or Idaho, it may be worth checking out who else is hiring. If you have been thinking about a change especially. Who knows maybe there is a job you enjoy more that pays better. Just be smart about it but while the economy is doing this well in the gem state it is a great time to at least explore the possibilities.
Idaho Drinks More Wine Per Capita Than Any Other State
I knew we loved wine here in the gem state but I had no idea HOW MUCH we love wine here in the gem state. According to 27/4 Wall St and a recent listing of Strangest Little Facts About Each State, Idaho drinks more wine per capita than any other state in the country. While the stat surprised me, it actually does make sense when you look a little deeper.
What is the Most Mispronounced Place in Idaho?
Take a guess at Idaho's top mispronounced place. We think people get Boise wrong a lot. Saying Boy-Z instead of Boy-see. Simple yet very irritating mistake. Think about Idaho words that are way harder than Boise. One Idaho town made #5 in the U.S. of the most mispronounced town name.
Idaho’s Safest Places
Idaho state’s violent and property crime rates fall far below the national average, but what places are considered the safest in the gem state?
Idaho Golfing – The Best Courses in the State
While a good chunk of these are in the Treasure Valley, this list compiles the top 24 courses in the gem state. See where your local favorite ranked and if you are an avid golfer maybe even plan a trip to some of these other top courses in Idaho.