If you spend any time driving up or down I-84 in Meridian you have most likely noticed the massive concrete building with the giant pictures of climbers on the side. Vertical View is a huge climbing, yoga and fitness gym in Meridian. While it is impressive on the outside, the inside is worth a peek.

My son Titus is 7 and loves this place. Mama loves it because it gives him great exercise and muscle building but it also challenges himself to keep going, worker harder and climb higher. He gets himself so motivated I don't even need to get into mama cheerleader mode.

We first went in over a year ago and were not prepared for how impressive the inside was. It may look massive on the outside but it is even bigger and more impressive inside. Vertical View has been locally owned and operated since January 31, 2020. The top rope and lead climbing on walls go up to 65 feet! There are four stories of climbing: top rope, lead climbing & bouldering including a 15m Olympic speed climbing wall.

They also have Yoga & hot yoga studios and classes, a cardio & weightlifting area, a kids climbing area and the staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They even have ladies meet up groups so you can climb and work out with other women. There are kids summer camps, although we are coming at the end of that. They have memberships available of or you can just come for the day. If you come with a child and just want them to climb you don't have to pay for yourself, just the child. Kids are $15 for a day pass and it is an additional $7 to rent the harness and shoes for the day.  Check out pictures of the place below.

Inside Vertical View, The Massive Climbing Gym off I-84 in Meridian

Even though most people don't stop to check this place out, you really should. It is very impressive and fantastic for kids, teens and adults. 

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