When was the last time you did something for the first time? If you're struggling to answer the question, take this as a sign that Summer 2022 is the perfect opportunity to try ziplining for the first time! 

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Idaho's known for absolutely breathtaking peaks, valleys, lakes and rivers. Sure, you can admire their beauty by hiking one of the state's beautiful trails along them...or you can get your heart rate up and blood pumping by zipping through them at speeds just over 50 miles per hour. We think the second option is a whole lot more fun. Plus, you get to hike between zips on most courses so you get the best of both worlds!

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When it comes to zipline adventures that take you high into the trees and over suspension bridges, ropes courses and other obstacles, Idaho has a lot of choices. Because we like things that are just a little bit "extra," we wanted to know where the longest zip in the state was.

We were able to track it down at Zip McCall Adventures. Zip McCall offers several different tour options, so when you're selecting your adventure make sure you pick "Extreme Tour" if you want to ride this particular zip! Simply called "Zip 6," it's about half a mile (2400') long!

In addition to the zipline tours, Zip McCall also has an aerial adventure park that has 16 climbing, zipping and ropes course elements! In the adventure park, you're harnessed into a state-of-the-art belay system, so it's a cool way to challenge your coordination and test how truly comfortable you are with heights!

Want to add Zip McCall or another high-flying zipline course to your summer bucket list? Learn more below and see how it stacks up against other thrilling zip courses around the state!

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