Even as I write this on April 10th it is snowing at Bogus Basin. They still have more than 5 feet of snow but as always happens this time of the year, the golf courses are open, biking trails (where not flooded) are calling and only the most determined skier continues to push the season and what a season it has been.

Unfortunately while the snow remains the skier counts are down and this week in SW Idaho only Bogus basin and Sun Valley are offering weekday skiing. There is plenty of snow at Brundage Mountain in McCall but they are closed for now with a bonus day planned for Saturday the 15th.

When I fist came to Idaho so many years ago I could never understand why with so much snow remaining in the mountains how ski areas could close. Having been raised on New England skiing where if there was snow, they stayed open.

I've since realized the difference. In New England if there was no snow in town, there was no snow on the hills, it was that simple. Very few places allow you to ski and golf in the same day as you find in Boise. As a result the urge skiers have in November is dimmed by mid April with the desire for other outdoor adventures.

Still it's hard for me to get over the fact there is still 5 feet of snow on the slopes and we're not making the most of it but I understand, it's time to move on.

I remember one 4th of July when I was reporting in Salt Lake and decided to do a story and ski and sail in the same day. We hiked to a snow field near Alta and cross country skied until noon and then drove back into town and went sailing on a nearby lake. I still debate whether the skiing or sailing caused my sunburn. Either way I came back bright red but with a great story on a fun adventure.



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