Back in the days when I participated in spring football practice I always thought it was much ado about nothing. Obviously the coaching staff didn't agree except to admit spring football is an annual ritual for players and coaches, not necessarily the fans.

The one chance for the fans to appreciate spring football is during the annual spring game. For Boise State that's Saturday April 8th at 5p.m. Parking is free, admission is only 10 dollars and the first 5,000 fans will receive a free 2017 poster schedule.

The other nice thing about spring football is the fact you are guaranteed a win! Then there is the question, if the defense looks better than the offense did we really win? Or if the offense rips the defense apart how can that be a good thing?

That's my point exactly about spring football, no one can ever really know what it means. The best part of spring football is the opportunity for coaches and players to play and perform under the media radar. Just have some fun, try and improve and see what some of the young talent can do.

Many of the veterans will go through the motions while the youngster are looking for their chance to break into the starting lineup. That's where the real excitement comes into play, that's where we see if it really was a good recruiting year.

Spring football, especially the spring game is a college football fans last taste of the game until September. After the spring game there will be post game field access for fans to meet their favorite players on the Blue.

Best of all...we know Boise State is going to win!



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