Have you ever seen something in the sky that you cant explain? Do you believe in UFOs and curiosity from potential beings from other planets and galaxies? Idaho has reported more sightings than most states according to 24/7 Tempo.

In July the Office of the Director of National Intelligence delivered an unclassified report to Congress titled “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” The report focused on 144 UFOs, or unidentified flying object sightings made by military aviators between 2004 and 2021. Most of them happening in the last two years.

According to Stacker, "Many of Idaho's most-documented accounts of UFO encounters in Idaho come from the state's police officers and southeast residents. These include claims of alien crafts following on-duty officers, unusual sightings, and a particular stretch of Idaho State Highway 30-E so notorious for UFO sightings it's been coined Idaho's UFO Highway."

Out of all 144 only one had a reasonable explanation, a deflated balloon. The rest remain unexplained and NASA is still investigating many of the 144. Often there’s a ready explanation for sightings, including ordinary aircraft, celestial objects such as bright stars and planets, weather phenomena, drones, and satellites. But sometimes there isn’t.

Another big UFO sighting happened this past year in Idaho. The National UFO Reporting Center even did a full investigation on it. The sighting took place on August 16, 2021, in the small town of Ririe, which is located south of Rexburg.

According to the report the witness was on a two-day fly fishing trip with a family member. "The two were camping approximately 50-yards from one another, when a bright object caught the eye of the witness. The unidentified aerial phenomenon was described as being the size of a very large beach ball that was a shape-changing sphere that went on for approximately 45-minutes."  The two also said that there was no sound even though the object was at times quite close.

24/7 Wall St created a list of the states with the most UFO sightings, based on per capita sightings. Idaho got 10th out of 50 states in the country for seeing the most UFOs per capita.

10. Idaho
2001-2020 sightings per 100K: 87.8
Total sightings: 1,569
Population 2019: 1,787,065
Population per sq. mile: 20.2

19. Utah
2001-2020 sightings per 100K: 56.4
Total sightings: 1,807
Population 2019: 3,205,958
Population per sq. mile: 36.3

13. Nevada
2001-2020 sightings per 100K: 74.0
Total sightings: 2,280
Population 2019: 3,080,156
Population per sq. mile: 26.8

11. Wyoming
2001-2020 sightings per 100K: 84.7
Total sightings: 490
Population 2019: 578,759
Population per sq. mile: 6.1

8. Montana
2001-2020 sightings per 100K: 93.1
Total sightings: 995
Population 2019: 1,068,778
Population per sq. mile: 7.0

5. Oregon
2001-2020 sightings per 100K: 100.5
Total sightings: 4,240
Population 2019: 4,217,737
Population per sq. mile: 41.6

Just for fun Vermont for 1st place.
2001-2020 sightings per 100K: 109.0
Total sightings: 680
Population 2019: 623,989
Population per sq. mile: 68.5

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