The best part about Idaho is the strange things about Idaho. We've got sasquatch, we've got aliens, and apparently, we have a secret hidden base under a body of water right here in Idaho. Now, call me crazy (you can do that here), but this could very well explain all of the UFOs that have been seen flying around the Gem State. I mean, we all saw that crazy photo of the UFO disappearing into the skies of Idaho just over 2 weeks ago. Surely there's a connection, right?

Could This Insane Photo of a UFO in Idaho Be Linked to Idaho's Secret Military Base?

Bruneau Dunes State Park shared these incredible photos capturing an unidentified aerial phenomenon over the skies of Idaho. The mysterious object appears to vanish or "dissipate" without a trace.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Chris, this secret base is underwater and the UFO you showed me is in the sky... what gives?" Okay, you're not really thinking that but there is a theory out there (somewhere) that UFOs and aliens, in general, could be living in the depths of the ocean.

The secret base in Idaho that we're referring to isn't in an ocean obviously; rather, it's in the depths of Lake Pend Oreille in Bayview, Idaho. At 1,150 feet deep, the lake sure has plenty of room to operate as a secret base similar to Area 51 in Nevada. And like the infamous military site in Nevada, the secret military base under Lake Pend Oreille is known for testing military technology.

Could this all somehow be related to the UFOs in the skies of Idaho? Are the staff at the base under Lake Pend Oreille testing technology that can navigate both air and sea? Let's dive into one of the most secretive military bases in all of America.

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