Is the Treasure Valley ready to support another indoor football team?

It's being called the American West football Conference and it's comprised of six teams with the Idaho Horseman playing their home games at the Ford Idaho Center

The season is March through June and is being marketed as affordable family friendly entertainment.. This is the first year for the American West Football Conference with teams in Boise, Sacramento, Reno, Tri-Cities and Wenatchee.

Idaho will play 12 regular season games, six at home and six on the road.

Here is the home schedule:

March 23 versus Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks
April 7 versus Sacramento Spartans
April 26 versus Reno Express
May 11 versus Tri-Cities Fire
May 30 versus Sacramento Spartans
June 15 versus Wenatchee valley Skyhawks

Indoor arena football has taken it's shot in the Treasure Valley before and failed so why will this effort be any different?

Individual game tickets will start at $12 dollars so even the cheapest seats in the house will cost a family of four $50 bucks to get in the door and so far the league really hasn't talked about the quality of players or quality of the game.

A recent release only claims the new league will give players a chance to continue their career.

No doubt it's always tough to kickoff something new so hats off for trying but Indoor football has been here, done that and left which tells me this will be a battle in marketing trenches for their to be a second season.

Is it worth giving a shot? Sure but it's also sure this will be the one shot the Horseman get to entertain and win a fan base.




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