Last week we camped and played in Lowman and Stanley area. On Saturday evening we didnt finish playing and fishing at Red Fish Lake in Stanley until about 10pm. Our campsite was set up about an hour down the road in Lowman. While we saw maybe 1 or 2 deer on the way up to Stanley, it was a whole different story at dusk going into night. We both had to keep our eyes peeled especially around every corner. We easily saw over a dozen, probably closer to 20 in the hour drive. In the road, on the road, on the side of the road, by themselves in little groups of two and three. Seriously lots of deer and elk. Thank goodness we didn't hit any although we had to slow way way down and even honk more than once.

A man in Blaine County recently was not so lucky. According to CBS2 a vehicle, a fairly big one too, it looks like a van hit a deer that was in the road on Highway 75. The 59 year old driver hit the deer hard. He stopped and he and the passenger got out of the vehicle. That is when the engine burst into flames. Thank goodness they got out in time and were not up by the engine when it happened. Both people were able to walk away with some minor scratches. The van on the other hand, not so much. The van completely burned from the inside out. As for the deer, no one knows, after the crash it stumbled off into the woods. It must of had some pretty decent injuries by the look of the dent in the van.

The deer tend to come out more and frequent areas by the roads more in the early morning or late at night. Extra caution is needed. Another great inexpensive trick to help keep you and your loved ones, and your vehicle safe is with a deer whistle. My man told me about these things while we were driving through the woods seeing all the deer. I had never heard of them. The next day he ordered one for both of our vehicles. I am sure there are many places you can get them around the Treasure Valley. We just got ours on Amazon though for less than $10, check this thing out.... As you drive the wind makes the whistle work but you don't hear it in the car, similar to a dog whistle it is so high that humans cant really hear it. The deer, elk and other wildlife however, apparently can hear it from miles away and it makes them keep their distance from where the sound is coming from.

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