Road trips can be treasured memory of a lifetime. Road trips can be an awful nightmare. Road trips can even be a mediocre movie from the 90s that seemed a lot better back then than it was on a recent re-watch. Brutal. Anyways, back to road trips. I recently made the cross-country trip from Chicago, Illinois to Boise, Idaho and encountered highs and lows. Looking back, it feels like a lot more lows than highs. Now that I'm thinking about it I can't remember any of the positives, but I remember the negatives!

This was no easy drive, by the way. It's 24 hours long. Alone. So many options and paths to take, but I opted to take the most direct. When you're doing a drive that will require a full day of driving, every hour counts. If it's not directly on my path, in this case I-80 for the most part, then I'm not seeing it. It would have been nice to stop for the night in Denver. I have friends there and there are fun things to do and see. As a wise man once said, "ain't nobody got time for that."

Below, I will be outlining the 6 worst things about driving from Illinois to Idaho. If you want a list of the best things about that drive, ask someone else. I don't have the answers you are looking for. It was just me in a crowded car with no room to move and a dog in the back. Don't talk to me about finding the silver-lining. Use this list at a warning, and maybe consider flying. We'll countdown from 6 to 1 with each one being a worse example than the previous. We'll start with the pain and soreness it delivered and move down from there. Let's dive in!

The 6 Worst Things About Road Tripping From Illinois To Idaho

I recently made the road trip from Chicago, Illinois to Boise, Idaho and encountered many pros and cons along the long and unwinding road. You want the pros? Talk to someone else. I'm here to deliver the six worst things about road tripping from Illinois to Idaho. Let's count them down.

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